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Feathers & Wedges (Pieces and Sets)
Plugs and Feathers, also called shims and wedges. - Purchase by the piece or in a set.
Price: From $2.24 to $35.87

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Shims & wedges are a time tested way to split stone. Available from Miles Supply in a variety of sizes.

How to use:

  1. Drill holes along your split line at least as deep as your wedges are long and about 6" apart.  The feathers and wedges should fit snugly into the hole. The split line may be straight or curved.  For more difficult splits drill holes deeper and closer together.
  2. Insert feathers and wedges into the holes. Be sure the feather's wings face the direction you want to split the stone.
  3. Strike the wedges in sequence firmly, but not forcing.  Wait a few minutes then repeat until stone is split.

If you do not see the size you need email or call us at 800.396.8049 for a quote.